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Shooting for Success: 3 Tips to Ensure a Stellar Brand Photoshoot

Brand photography is serious business – so how do you make sure it goes flawlessly? Brand Photographers can help with everything from conceptualizing shoots, scouting locations, planning lighting, and equipment setups, shooting in-studio or on location, stylizing photos with graphics and filters…the list goes on! But before we get too far into it – let’s get real. Brand photoshoot success rests heavily on preparation. Here are some important steps to ensure a stellar shoot:

Create a Mood Board for Your Brand Photoshoot

Personal brand and brand photography are all about telling your brand’s story and expressing ethos through visuals so it is crucial that they reflect who you are as a company. Mood boards are an easy and effective way to help you select the right aesthetic for your brand or business. This is crucial. Mood boards should include a list of items that are important to your business. These may include colors, textures, props, backdrops, locations, or any images that inspire.

Brand product photography for Death To Germs sanitizer

Plan Ahead & Create a Shot List

You’ll need to pick the type of photos you’ll want for your shoot. Do you want product images on a white backdrop for your Amazon, Etsy, or Shopify e-commerce store? Are you considering doing flat lay photographs? Lifestyle photos for Instagram? Make a shot list! Plan out what you need business needs ahead and plan accordingly.

If you’re organizing a brand + personal brand photoshoot, the objective should be to gather photographs that help build an emotional connection with your ideal client. For personal brand sessions, I prefer taking a variety of conventional and lifestyle shots. Are you a photographer? Let’s take photos of you with your camera in hand. Chef? Let’s snap pictures of you in the kitchen doing what you do best. Graphic designer? Let’s capture images of you with your computer. The goal for each personal brand photoshoot is to brand yourself as an expert by capturing images that emphasize what it is you do and how well you do it.

You should take photos of:

  • Your products in action (i.e cooking food)
  • The environment around your product (examples include branding on a certain surface, packaging)
  • Your workspace (desk + computer screen)
  • You in action (i.e preparing a dish, talking on the phone, sitting at your computer, etc.).

Personal branding photoshoot – Andrei, Coinberry

It’s all about the details

For my most recent brand shoot with Harthorway, I spent a lot of time preparing. We purchased a cream backdrop roll, lovely linen fabric, and sourced various ceramic props, which added to the warm, minimal look we were trying to achieve. Like with anything, the more effort and prep you put in, the more it shows, the better your photos will be, and the more you and your photographer will have to work with.

Social Media Product Photography for Harthorway Jewelry Company

For personal brand photoshoots, consider how you may best portray not only what you do, but also your personality. Bring along any items and mementos that represent who you are for authenticity’s sake. Do you like Bob Marley? Include a tee with your vinyl collection. Are you a doughnut lover? A box of gourmet doughnuts would be perfect. Simply put, you want your clients to see the real you.

Alright, so what now?

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Shooting for Success: 3 Tips to Ensure a Stellar Brand Photoshoot

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